After the rain – Waterfalls…

Tantalizing views of  a series of small falls are visible from a back road in Clare, Nova Scotia.  A couple weeks ago there were heavy rains for several days.  So that weekend we set off to see these mysterious waterfalls.  Indian falls are located on the Meteghan River in Southwest Nova Scotia.  You can only see these small falls from the bridge crossing the river.  There are no trails or close vantage points.  Your camera’s zoom or binoculars will give a bit better view.  Directions to the road are available on the map.

Part of the fun of hunting out waterfalls is sharing the find, so I was peeved to discover on this trip that I had forgotten my camera – the images above were taken with my phone!

And for those who enjoy truly beautiful images – some really wonderful images of Nova Scotia waterfalls at Steve Meredith’s gallery.


2 thoughts on “After the rain – Waterfalls…

  1. Neither of the ferns you show in the pictures are actually edible “fiddleheads”. There is only one genus of fern that is edible. I hope the pictures don’t mislead any to think those in the pictures are edible.

    Nice site tho!

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