Winter views from Smiths Cove

This past weekend we walked the shoreline at Smiths Cove.  This lovely, mostly coble beach on the Annapolis Basin stretches for kilometers.  The water views are open and directly opposite Digby Gut leading out to the Bay of Fundy.   Saturday the temperatures were warm (above 0º) and there was virtually no wind – something that is not alway the case here on the open water.

This shoreline is tidal – as we were reminded on our way back.  We ended up walking over large, sharply edged rocks – likely tumbled down the bank to protect the shoreline.  This uneven and tricky scramble calls for sturdy shoes.

This is not the easiest beach to get to, but exit 24 or 25 off highway 101 will take you in the right direction.  We generally look for an accessible public parking space along highway 1 and walk down to the shore.

After our beach walk we hiked (okay a short steep walk) to the Smiths Cove look-off over Digby Gut.  (Check the map for more precise location.) Its a great view and gives a wonderful contrast to the view from the beach.  The island in this view (Bear Island) appears as shoreline below the north shore to the right of the beach image.


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