Fresh snow after a valley storm

Amazing!  We began our ski at 2 in the afternoon and no one had disturbed the snow along the old rail bed – fresh, fresh snow!  And over a foot ( 30.5 cm) deep.  It was lovely, light and not too powdery for cross country skiing.  And how do I know that it was at least a foot deep?  Because it came up to the first joint on my ski poles – my old bamboo poles.  Drifts were past my knees.

There were no signs of people in the snow, but traffic on the trail had been heavy since the storm yesterday.  There were tiny little tracks, bigger tracks and bigger ones still and others that dove below the snow.  The neatest we was saw was not a track at all, but feather imprints.  We almost skied  right over them, and unfortunately obliterated some.  It seems like a large bird was taking off.  My guess is we’ve caught impressions of tail feathers and the wing tip hitting the snow as the bird takes off.  (There were other feather imprints below the picture frame where we skied.) What do you think?


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