Petitcodiac River marsh/walk in Dieppe NB

Walking the Linear Trail in Dieppe, New Brunswick was a welcome break from a recent intense visit there.  Part of the TransCanada Trail, this gentle walking trail follows behind residential areas along the marsh lining the east bank the Petitcodiac River. 

This trail provides excellent access for residents to the outdoors and links Dieppe to Moncton as an alternative for getting to town.  Plans call for the trail to continue all the way to Memramcock, but for now it ends at le ruisseau aux renards, Fox Creek, at an area known locally as the aboiteau.  Today there are double modern sluice gates in the dyke.  Mud and marsh grass are abundant at tidal creeks such as this. 

More information about the trail can be found here  and this map lays out lots of paths in Dieppe.  Also if you are interested in river and ecosystem restoration the Petitcodiac Riverkeeper organization will fill you in.


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