Peggy’s Cove

Yes, I know this isn’t really in the Annapolis Valley, far from it in fact; but it is down the road from my current (temporary) residence.  Today the weather was fine and I was home early so I just went on down the road for a quick walk and a moment of quiet contemplation.  Hard to believe, isn’t it?  But at this time of year at the end of a crisp fall (okay almost winter) day there were few people there.  The waves were soothing and I had lots of space to myself.  The sunset was just lovely today along the shore.  Radio shows were even remarking in how fine it was!  So I took a shot or two and  will add mine to the millions of others that must have been taken over the years.  Try flickr for some of the ‘few’.

Peggy's Cove NS_8283

Peggy’s Cove and the lighthouse found there is a Nova Scotian icon.  A visit is a must for many visitors to the province.  Most provincial maps will point the way and the signage is good.  Allow plenty of time from Halifax (an hour and a half) whether you are coming on the old highway or the main highway (no. 103, exit no.5).

Walking in the area is limited on the rocks, but the area does contain lots of land on the landward side of the road where you can walk.  More on this in a later post.


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