Big Joggins Bridge to Digby

big joggins bridge_8020

Yesterday we had a wonderful walk from Big Joggins to Digby following the old rail bed.  The railway bridge over Big Joggins has been opened to small traffic – including us walkers!  There is a great view Big Joggins, the Annapolis Basin and in the distance Digby Gut.

big joggins_8028 v2

There are few views of the water along the way, but rather mostly alders and brush. Once in Digby there is another good look at the basin.


We weren’t perhaps in Digby proper, but close enough for a hot chocolate – from Tim Horton’s.  A treat that we don’t usually have on our walks.  The walk itself is about an hour (or less) to Digby and then double that to come back.  The entry to the bridge is out of the way.  Take a dead end heading west off the Smiths Cove loop, just before the exit onto the 101.  There is lots of room to park at the end of the road.  The map will point you in the right direction from Annapolis Royal.


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