Annapolis Royal celebrated in song

AR boardwalk_3927 v2

Annapolis Royal shares shoreline, natural beauty, walking trails and culture (of all kinds) with any who care to stroll or hike through town – residents and visitors alike.  CBC is commissioning 13 songs about 13 places in Canada.  Annapolis Royal should be one of them.  Check out the Great Canadian Song Quest and vote (from October 12 – 23).

I know this post isn’t about walking, but what better place to walk than a small Nova Scotian town?  And Annapolis Royal is one of the best – everything is close and yet still leaves you time for a great tromp.  You can walk on the shore or on a board walk, you can walk by a marsh, or along an old rail way bed or in the woods.  My favorite Annapolis Walks are on the maps tab at map #3.  One of these walks will take you along Lower Saint George Street where the remains of the many wharves from an earlier era line the shore.

AR lower St George_1368 v2

And there are still more if you visit our town.


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