Melanson Settlement – early Acadian village site

Pre-Deportation Acadian Village location

MS south-east_7756 cv1

There is a lovely little walking path at this site, but in addition you can walk through the fields for a super view of the marsh below and the Annapolis River.  Walking this site is an absolutely marvelous way to experience the type of landscape found along the river during the Acadian period – dyked marshes and neighbouring uplands where people lived.

This site, known at the time as le point aux chènes, protects the below ground remains of a pre-deportation village typical of those found along the Annapolis River in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. It commemorates the Acadian villages that dotted the Annapolis River marshes in this area before the Deportation of 1755. – Depicted here in an image taken from the orientation panel at the site – drawn by Kevin Sollows.

MS 17thC-PC drawing-Name_7701

The Queen Anne Marsh is today partly farmed and partly being overtaken by low scrub.  It makes for difficult walking and following  our wet June and July is thick with mosquitoes and very healthy pricklies (canes and wild roses)!  So, I wouldn’t recommend walking down to the river from here. – At least not in shorts like we tried on Sunday!!  There is no path and the marsh is not part of the national historic site.

There are also some wickedly healthy hawthorne on the site.

MS hawthorne_7775The short loop path takes about 10 minutes to walk.  Walking to the uplands and back will take about an hour and is a nice easy hike, but does require good footwear since there is no path, the ground is uneven and crosses a small wet area.   The site is located on the road to Port-Royal NHS and makes a good stop to stretch your legs, before or after a visit to the Habitation.


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