Tiverton Balancing Rock


Natal Day Monday is a holiday in Nova Scotia, so – we went to Tiverton to see the balancing rock.  (We also went whale watching – but that was in the Zodiac and not walking!)  The balancing rock is pretty amazing.  A tall column of basalt seems to balance almost on tiptoes on a ledge of more rock.  It is nine metres tall.  The  trail leading to the shore and the  rock covers some boggy ground, great habitat for tamarck (Larix laricina). You can see trees up close along the trail.  Tamarack are the only conifer trees in the area that loose their needles in the winter.

Tiverton_7293 cv1

After the rock the most spectacular part of the trail is the stairs, all 337 steps of the stairs, on the trail, down the shoreline cliff to the rock.  That is a lot of steps, and the kids in our group counted them, just to make sure the signs were accurate.

Tiverton_7337 cv2 Tiverton_7314 cv2

This is a trail for the fit, or for those who wish to go at a relaxed pace.  The balancing rock is a popular destination for tourists and locals and other images and information are avaible.


One thought on “Tiverton Balancing Rock

  1. Hello, I am a student at Dalhousie University. I was wondering if I could use your balancing rock photo in my graduate project. The picture would obviously be credited to you. Please let me know if this is ok with you and if it is, the correct spelling of your name and the year it was taken)

    Thank you. Erin

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