Walking to Annapolis Royal – Arrival

Moschelle to Annapolis Royal

Moschelle rtot_7180

This is it…we’ve walked the whole way from Bridgetown to Annapolis Royal following on the old rail way bed – Yeah!  This last section (or first if you begin in Annapolis Royal)  begins where the trail crosses the road that the 74th Crusaders, a motorcycle club, use to go to their camp.

This link in the trail is one of the most overgrown and shady – a fine thing on a hot August day.

Moschelle rtot_7190 cv2

It passes a dyked marsh still used  as pasture land today, an un-named creek (home to ducks and beaver), and enters the town of Annapolis Royal perimeter.

The town of Annapolis Royal has chosen to make the section of the rail bed that crosses the town accessible to non-motorized traffic only.  This has   dramatically changed the look and experience you will see/have on the trail.

AR rtot_7217 cv1 AR rtot_7218 cv1AR rtot_7219 cv1

AR rtot_7227

AR rtot soccer_7223 Today is Saturday of the Natal Day weekend and the Annapolis Royal soccer tournament is in full swing.  The trail passes close to the high school and several fields.  Great to hear the sounds of games in play.  We took a quick peek.

Although the trail actually crosses town and continues, a good place to end this town to town trek is by the old railway station where there is parking. Parking is also possible on the Historic Gardens overflow parking which adjoins the  trail.  AR rtot entrance_7237 cv1


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