Waterfalls galore at Victoria Beach

Victoria Beach Falls_6950

This is definitely the summer to see waterfalls in Nova Scotia.   Last Saturday we pushed through the alders and brush to make our way to the beach on the promise of waterfalls.  We had seen this shore last year from Point Prim and so after all this rain set out to see the waterfalls up close.  We weren’t disappointed.  They were great, even spectacular.

Victoria Beach Falls_6971

The shore is actually a bit past Victoria Beach and below what may be more properly called Shag Cliffs.  There is no beach below the cliffs at high tide.  We arrived just as the tide had turned and was beginning to fall and so got wet walking out to the falls.  These cliffs are really something – not too many places in Nova Scotia to see them from below like this.

Shag Cliffs_6996

Access to this shore is difficult:  the climb to the shore was steep; walking on the cobble beach was uneven and walking farther down the shore to the more distant waterfalls was treacherous – once the tide went out.  (At high tide when we arrived you can’t walk to the falls.)  The rock fall from the cliffs was jagged and sharp.  It had not been worn by the waves at all.  We speculated that these rocks had fallen just this past winter.

For more pictures visit flickr.


7 thoughts on “Waterfalls galore at Victoria Beach

  1. Some nice pics of the Beach for sure. The first falls in your pictures is called The Marry Pisser and this area is part of Victoria Beach not past it.
    The spelling varied depending (Mary or Merry) on whom you were talking to.

  2. My father and I use to shower under the merry pisser in the 60’s. The flowage was a little less then this picture. We were last there in September 2008. It is a little tricker getting down the cliff then it use to be from Boudreaus. Great picture and very relaxing.

  3. We have been to the Merry Pisser many times. Have taken our kids , then there kids , but I’m not up to the treck with our great grand kids. lol They still all go every summer they are here from Ont. I’ve taken many pictures and had one painted for us. It’s a peaceful place to just sit and listen to the water. I’ve been under the Pisser a few times and loved it. Wish I could still make it down there.

  4. From down this way,Nice pics and yeah its called the merry pisser and it is in Victoria Beach,past the end of the pavement.drive on dirt road go past 5 houses and u come to a parkinglot to park its just past a brook.

  5. These are great waterfalls. I hope to get back sometime. And for those of you in the valley you may also like the falls mentioned on this post: “Waterfalls on the Bay of Fundy” (July 6).

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