Fort Anne – under siege – from the rain


Water, water everywhere, even in sunny Annapolis Royal.  Wow, who could believe it?  But enough is enough and I took a quick spin around Fort Anne after work today.  Followed the perimeter path – mostly, except where there were puddles (just a few, really!).  The walking is easy…unless you climb up and down the walls, ramparts and ravelins.  I only did once…to bring you this photo:


The lighting was just wonderful to catch the contours of the  fortifications;  fortifications which date from the early 18th century and are based on the French military engineer Vauban‘s style – a star shaped fort.  In fact, the plans for the fortifications at Fort Anne were reviewed by the great engineer himself, submitted by Delabat, engineer at the fort,  for Vauban’s approval.

Although the earthworks are worn down and rather pastoral in appearance today, evidence of the cannon embrasures is still evident throughout the fort, as here on the south ravelin.

FA-s-raveline_6908-c v1

If you are interested in the specific terms for the fortifications, wikipedia has an introduction.

And if you are interested in photos of Vauban’s fortifications try flickr for Vauban forts in France and here for more of Fort Anne.


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