Walking to Annapolis Royal – Part VII

Round Hill Loop

Marsh Road East to Marsh Road West

strawberrys_6255-cropped v1 Strawberries are ripe now in the valley.

The Annapolis Valley is a rich agricultural area and the walk to Annapolis Royal from Bridgetown weaves in and out of farm territory. Yesterday’s walk really is perhaps one of the best ways to see this on foot.  You will see pastures, corn fields, hay fields, strawberry fields, orchards and a dairy farm – all up close.

Strawberry-rows_6262 cropped-v2

strawberry rows_6259-cropped v1

Next Year’s U-pick and This Year’s U-pick.

This bit of the walk  is remarkable for the variety of agriculture and because you can do a loop, parking in one location and walking a complete circle back to your vehicle.  It is the only loop possible which stays completely on trail or dirt road and makes no use of pavement.   When you consult the map you will see this is because Marsh Road actually intersects the old rail bed twice.  The rail bed section of the trail is about 2 km, and the total loop is about 6 km.

Apples will be ripe soon.



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