Annapolis River bank swallows

Annapolis-River_6131-cropped v1

Yes, I know, these posts are all about walking, but yesterday we went for short jaunt in the kayaks and I just have to mention it.  The water was so still – just like glass; and really easy paddling.  And: we paddled along a section of the Annapolis River where bank swallows would be nesting – if the nests we had identified last winter were indeed bank swallows … yes, there were swallows – bank swallows – swooping in and out of the nests, really little burrows in the river bank.  Pretty neat.  We were on a section of the river between Pré Rond Marsh and BelleIsle Marsh.  There are mud banks all up and down the river here, some hosting (or housing) just a few nests and others 20 or more.  (more photos)


For the sticklers: yesterday’s location is not exactly in the same place as last winter’s photographs which were just a bit east along the BelleIsle Marsh side of the river, but I am sure it is bank swallows up and down the river – we cruised past several little colonies.

As a side benefit to my Walk to Annapolis Royal series (tagged under rails to trails), we had identified a new location to put the kayaks in the water.  It worked out beautifully.  Try the end of Wharf Road off highway 201.


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