Walking to Annapolis Royal – Part VI

Round Hill Road to Marsh Road (east), Round Hill

Round Hill Bk_6046-cropped v1

The Round Hill Brook is long and winding; part V of this walk follows a good bit of the brook and this section, part VI, also follows the Round Hill Brook.  It is a lovely meandering brook/river which flows between sweeping fields of corn, hay and pasture land before joining the Annapolis River.

In Nova Scotia you are never really far from the sea.  This inland brook which never meets the sea nonetheless harbours this vessel ready for the ocean.

Round Hill Bk_6063-cropped v1

It actually resembles a Cape Islander (at least to me).  Try this for some great photos of  Nova Scotia Cape Islanders.

This section of the walk on the old rail bed is very open (for farm equipment) and an easy walk that takes only about half an hour at a comfortable pace.  The map helps keep track of where we are and how close we are to Annapolis Royal – maybe 7-8 kms.


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