Walking to Annapolis Royal – Part III

Tupperville to Tupperville

DSCN5476-cropped v1

Nova Scotia has place names every where.  Some are no more than the blink of an eye along a short stretch of road, others take longer and encompass a  real community.  Tupperville is several kilometers long – whether along highway 201 or along the rail bed.

DSCN5466-cropped v1

Our walk yesterday began in Tupperville and ended in Tupperville.  It was just a short walk, no more than a kilometer -or it would have been if we hadn’t got side tracked walking between fields to the Annapolis River.  The Annapolis River is full of curves and bows winding from Bridgetown to Annapolis. Our “short” side trip took us out into one of these curves (we had begun at the bottom of the bow). So, beware … a short walk may lead you to unexpected places.


Our next section of this walk To Annapolis Royal will be considerably longer and take us from Tupperville to Round Hill.


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