Walking to Annapolis Royal


This weekend we began our walk to Annapolis Royal.  We are walking, in sections, along the old train bed from Bridgetown to Annapolis Royal.  I’ll have installments regularly under the tag: Btown_to_Annapolis_Royal.  And a new map in the map section so you can follow our trek clearly or easily plan such a trip yourself.  The walking is easy.  The challenge is to do the whole distance.  The sections identified on the map will be between easily accessible points.

Today we walked from Bridgetown to Centrelea – about an hour.  Its delightful, through meadows and along the Annapolis River where bends swing in to the track.  The  wild climbing roses are in bloom, lovely.  Its amazing the way they climb right up into trees.


And a beautiful smell came wafting over us in some places along the trail.

This section of the trail crosses Bloody Creek.  Two Battles (1711 and 1757) actually took place at  Bloody Creek and anyone interested in early Canadian history will find crossing this small river takes history out of the books and into the landscape.   Today Bloody Creek belies it name in its peaceful, country setting.


We are estimating that this walk will take us about a week or so to complete all sections, so stay tuned.


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