Shore to Shore



Last Sunday was a fabulous day.  I joined the group  doing the Shore to Shore walk in Annapolis Royal’s Walkfest.  It was excellent.  We walked from Annapolis Royal to the North Mountain, over North Mountain and all the way to the Bay of Fundy.  It took us over three hours using mostly old and older logging roads.  Some of the hike was very wet, some was over washed out logging roads and so very uneven terrain.  But what a great feeling of accomplishsment!

There is no marked trail, although other locations in the Annapolis Valley do offer lookoffs into the valley.  We had our best veiw of the valley looking back, over an old quary.

For a large part of the trail we followed a stream down North Mountain.

North Mtn_4541

We crossed a stand of the most robust Equisetum sp. I have ever seen – wow!


And after light spring showers we arrived at Parkers Cove on the Bay of Fundy.

Parkers Cove_4546-cropped-v1What a grand day !


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