Tupperville Falls


The Valley Trekkers walked to the Tupperville Falls on their Saturday 10km hike.  And I was with them.  Featured as part of the Annapolis Royal Walkfest, it was a delightful walk.  We began at the Tupperville Community Hall and followed the dirt road into the woods.  We took a detour off to the east and through the woods to reach the falls. From there we made our way back to the road (really more of a track at this point) and followed it on for a bit before turning around and retracing our steps.

With all the rain we have had these last few weeks the falls were full and worth the walk.  Vegetation was lush and green.  (Of course the bugs – flys, mosquitos, ticks – were out too, but not so many as to take away from our pleasure in the outing.)



This walk is not well marked and travels over private property.  Permission from the land owners is required.  The advantage of going out with a group like the Valley Trekkers is that they had arranged the permissions and scouted out the trail, planning the route to make sure we reached the falls and didn’t get lost.  This is a great social way for a keen walker/hiker to explore new terrain without striking out on her/his own.


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