Harriet Irving Botantical Gardens, Wolfville, NS


Driving home today, I stopped in Wolfville to stretch my legs and ended up spending an hour at the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens at Acadia University.  This botanical garden features plants native to the region.  It is part of the KC Irving Environmental Science Centre and has gardens, trails, woods, programs for the public, and a research program – pretty neat if you like plants.

You can begin your walking tour in a walled garden then gradually work your way to the woods by way of the trial gardens, and a beautiful landscape complete with fountain.   The trails wend their way through old fields and an overgrown old field and an old field that was planted with Norway Spruce as an experimental farm in the 1960’s.  The gardens cover about 6 acres and if you walk the perimeter to the farthest reaches you’ll be walking uphill about half the time.  At one point the trail crosses a power line and affords a great view back down to the campus and on to the Black River which empties into the Minas Basin.  And more pictures


The is a great place for a challenging town walk surrounded by plants and if you like information about plants and habitats there are excellent interpretive panels along the trail.  Check out the trail map before setting out if you are a planner, otherwise, just head up hill.  Located on campus at Acadia University this map will help.


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