dykes and rail beds


Annapolis Royal is surrounded by dykes.  This past weekend we had a delightful walk along a combination of old rail bed and dykes.  (The train ride must have had a superb view of the Annapolis River!)  Walking here will take you along the Allains Creek where it meets the Annapolis River and then follow this larger river west.  You can follow the old rail bed exclusively or you can take side jaunts out onto some dykes.  If you walk out onto the dykes and it is low tide, then you can even walk out onto some salt marshes.  Pretty neat – You’ll be right along the Annapolis River.  Be prepared, if you venture very far onto a salt marsh, it is muddy and mucky!

At one point a stone covered path leads down from the rail bed (also the dyke at that point) out to the salt marsh.  Here we found seaweed stranded by beach plantain. This salt resistant plant has extra thick leaves when compared to its more fragile cousins.


Walk for as long as you like and then turn to retrace your steps.  The walk is just to the west of Annapolis Royal on highway #1.  Cross the Allains Creek bridge and be ready to turn and park on your right.  Check the map for the exact location.


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