train tracks from Annapolis Royal

Today was a lovely day to walk home from work.   I followed the old tracks or more accurately the old train bed, now that there are no tracks.  It leaves Annapolis Royal going both to the east and west.  In town this path is limited to non-motorized traffic; making for a lovely peaceful walk.  The trees grow close to the trail and in some places lean over the trail making a lovely shady path.  Disturbed, gravelly soil forms an a  natural home to wild strawberry, now in bloom.

strawberry_3849 The ant in this blossom is most likely collecting nectar secreted bythe receptacle and held at the base of the stamens.

In Annapolis Royal you can easily reach the old rail bed in several places.  Check out the map for the access point that suits the walk you would like; at the start of the French Basin Trail, behind the Old Train Station, where Clean Annapolis River is located, or along Saint George Street near the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens.  Early in spring some parts of the trail can be wet, but by now it has pretty much all dried out.


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