Walking the Historic Gardens’ dyke

Allains Creek_3656-v1

Low tide along the Allains Creek, behind the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens.

Annapolis Royal is an excellent place to go for a walk.  And although I’ve described some of my favorites, they haven’t been collected and organized; so …  today I began a project to do them all systematically.  As I complete each walk I will be noting the best parking and route through or around the town.  This new map will follow in the coming weeks.

But for today’s project – a beginning – something easy with the route already plotted, the Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens.  I walked briskly around the largest loop of the Gardens. This longer, outside loop takes you out onto the dyke and closer to the Allains Creek.  An evening walk may turn up deer on the marsh and shore birds on the river’s edge , when the tide is out as it was this evening.

This loop is not long…maybe 1.5 km which takes  about 15-20 minutes, with no stops to enjoy the wonderful flowers, plants and animals.  It took me longer today since I stopped for pictures and to try and get as close as possible to the deer. Allains Creek_3757-v1

On the dyke behind the  Historic Gardens

Allains Creek_3701-v1


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