Kejimkujik Seaside


Friday, we set off in brilliant sunshine for the Kejimkujik Seaside.  Two hours later (from Annapolis Royal) we arrived under cloudy skys; but excellent weather for following the trail(s) at Keji Seaside.  The rain held off and we had a grand time discovering the trial – so much easier than our previous attempt, over 10 year ago, before the trail and with small children!  On that long ago trip we mainly found alders, pricklies (blackberries, roses) and bog.  This time, we saw seals – two kinds, sea birds, carnivorous plants, porcupine and barely open blossoms on the willows.  And the beach, marvelous:  ocean, sand, rocks, and huge cobble stones.


All kinds of photos are out there and a few are here and here.


The total walk is about 3 hours or so, depending on how many stops/photos and snacks you need.  It covers barrens, beach, boardwalk over bog and some scruffy spruce woods. The shorter (one hour) walk to the beach is flat and easy.  The longer walk which skirts the cape, Port Joli Head, is longer and rougher, you’ll need really good walking shoes or light hiking boots for the cobble beach portion. The Friends of Keji have a map of the seaside with trails.  To get there from Annapolis Royal, take route 8, to highway 103 and continue west to the exit for Port Joli.  Check out this map for further directions.


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