walking home

The other day, I ended up walking home from work.  It was a welcome break from routine.  Since it is winter and the paths are incredibly icy, I walked along the road.  Following the road it is easily a 45 minute walk, at a brisk pace.   It was a great opportunity to re-acquaint myself with the neighbourhood as it were. [I actually live on a country road so neighbourhood might seem a strange term to some.]   It was a chance to note where there were small changes along the way,  indications of  daily life that pass too quickly to be observed from the car in the morning:  a garage that has been under construction for some years has new wood and looks like it will be finished in the spring; a window covered addition filled with light showing that the room is now in use;   someone’s spaniel coming out to greet me from a house where I didn’t know they had a dog.   A different view of the river, more easily appreciated as I walk down the hill to our house.

Walking home is not something I do often, even though I could [at least in theory].  All kinds of reasons seem to crop up: not enough time, the need to chauffeur a family member, pick-up groceries, work late, get home on time to leave on time for an evening’s activity, and darkness.  For me walking home in mid-winter evening dark  is one of life’s little challenges.  I’m not fond of the path in the dark and my road has no sidewalks, so all in all I’m happy to see the lengthening of days that comes at this time of year.  Now if we could have one spring snow storm to go with the light and  early spring will be perfect – for walking home and spring skiing!


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