Signs of Woodpeckers


A quick tramp around the trail at Mickey Hill today was invigorating.  Late Sunday morning it is quiet in the woods, but we did see a very fresh woodpecker hole in a large maple.  How did we know it was fresh?  Two key clues: the wood below the bark was newly exposed – clean and pale, and there were fresh wood chips on the snow beneath the tree.  Not only did the wood chips look fresh and light but they appeared ready to blow away and since yesterday was warm and rainy they had to have been deposited after the rain – a brilliant deduction – n’est-ce pas?


There is still lots of snow in the woods.  On the trail it is well packed and relatively easy walking.  On the board walk we could see that it was easily over a foot deep still.  Wow.  And more snow tonight, if it doesn’t all come as rain and finish off the snow.

This is a great trail to do in the winter, with alternate paths, and marked ski trails.  And as a bonus there is a plowed parking lot.  Check out the map for directions.


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