Nova Scotia Storm Day

School was cancelled today.  That makes 8 weeks in a row that school in our area has not been open five days in a row!  The weather services have been announcing the storm for a day at least…and here it is… this morning was fierce, but by mid-afternoon the snow had stopped and the freezing rain had not yet begun – the perfect time for a walk.  So off I went, snowshoes strapped to my feet in anticipation of the big drifts.  There were few drifts, since the wind had scoured the path, but the walk was fine.

Every walk brings it own special character and today for the first time, I provided directions to a snow-mobiler.  He wasn’t lost exactly, just looking for a particular spot.  I could direct him to the marker he had been given, but whether he found the road/path that is supposed to lead from there I can’t say.  At least he didn’t come back over the path we both were following.

These statellite images from the Environment Canada website show the progress of the storm today.

Before the storm hits:


And here is an outline of Nova Scotia to help you find us on the satellite image.  (Find the A for Annapolis Royal)

nova-scotia-outline_a Later in the day the storm has passed on:



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