South Mountain Climb


We climbed the South Mountain last weekend.  There are many paths up the South Mountain in the Annapolis Valley.  We chose the road that leads to Roxbury*.  We didn’t make it all the way, but we did reach the top of the hill-South Mountain.  There are a few dips in the road, but until you reach the top the path leads steadily up – from sea level to 200 m above sea level.  Despite the climb, the walk was easy on the packed snow.  (This road was well traveled by snowmobilers, although we saw none.)   Snow was deep in the woods along the road…where we sank up to our knees whenever we ventured there.  The forest cover blending from maple, beech, and birch to pine, hemlock and fir is typical of the forests on the South Mountain which have been logged many times.  In fact, my feeling of destination on reaching the “top” of the mountain probably owes something to the clear-cut where we stopped with its views of the neighbouring hills.

Following directions provided in Michael Haynes book, Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia, 8th edition, we parked along the Roxbury Road and walked from there. We walked about 2 hours and covered about 7 km return.  Check out the map for directions.


*Roxbury was a small, isolated community  near Paradise Lake and numbering less than a hundred in the 19th c.   As times changed the local economy no longer supported the people and they gradually moved away.


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