Water, water everywhere – frozen at Fort Anne


The ice was just wicked today.  No path in town was safe.  At Fort Anne National Historic Site the perimeter walking trail is always open, but not maintained in winter.  So on a day like today its worth checking out, but beware!  I made the trek around for the wonderful view of the river, the Annapolis River.  And actually it was a good walk as long as I followed the path  – on the grass beside the path.  Usually this is a very quick walk, about 15-20 minutes.  Today it took a bit longer, what with sliding over ice and climbing a few ramparts.

This walk is just right for a busy day when you want to get out and do a few errands at the same time.

For a great view of the Annapolis River stand on the edge of flag bastion and look down, down river – west towards Digby.  Today we could just make out Goat Island, but on a clear day you will be able to see Digby (or its lights at night).

fa-flag-bastion_1964Standing on the edge of the flag bastion you are about 20-25 feet above sea level, see the shore below.


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