skiing off the rails


Cross country skiing is a great way to tour a familiar trail.  It is a bit like visiting with an old friend in new surroundings.  Not every trail will lend itself to this switch, but for those that do discoveryand familiarity create a surprising blend.  Today we got out the skis to try the old rail bed in the Annapolis Valley.  It is a very flat trail and today, the snow was well packed by snowmobile and all terain vechicle traffic.  We didn’t meet any on our afternoon ski though, so it was very pleasant indeed.  We did meet a few people out in the sun for a walk.   Really, the trail was firmly enough packed to walk, but it was lots of fun zipping along – the snow was very fast!  With this speed, we went farther than we usually do.

The flat terrain allowed us to concentrate on our surroundings as the old rail bed passed close to the Annapolis River and then through cultivated fields.  In one spot as we sped by alders and birch the snow was covered in little brown specks, almost like a sprinkling of brown sugar or cinamon.  A close look showed these specks to be the seeds from the alder or birch growing near by.



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