Dominion Atlantic Railway, a trail to walk

Our truck is sick and so I have been walking to work.  Part of this walk takes me along the railbed for the old Dominion Atlantic Railway (DAR).  It makes a marvelous walking trail.  It is particulary ironic that our malfunctioning truck, symbol of highway travel, part of the reason this railine closed, should for these last two days have sent me along this trail …the perfect path in to work…

Walking in to work, I got to thinking about the length of the trail and where it goes in the Annapolis Valley.  Many people walk and hike this trail.  It is not part of  any formal trail system, but is nonetheless well used with a variety of access points. (Indeed,  one of the attractions of our current house was and is its closeness to this railbed.)  Wouldn’t it be neat to walk the whole of the railbed?  This walk would travel the land differently than a trail through the woods or a logging road or a highway;  such a walk could be a project for this winter and coming summer.

The route as depicted for rail passangers in 1938 follows a similar path to today’s highways.  These maps are teasers. Different maps will be needed to plan a hiking trip.  The search in on…


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