Beavers’ delight at BelleIsle Marsh

belleisle_1556_1 Every walk has its own delight and sometimes you discover an extra something.  On Sunday this week we went for our usual walk around BelleIsle Marsh.  An ice skim on the water and muted fall colours were enough for me, but this Sunday there was that extra something.  A beaver had been hard at work…s/he had almost felled a black cherry.  The whole thing was like a sculpture. Really amazing – neighbouring slender trees, nipped right off, a branch from the main tree nipped off but not fallen (it’s upper branches and twigs remained caught in the upper reaches of the tree), a large branch almost entirely cut and the main trunk gnawed and eaten but just not quite enough to fall.  After all that hard work, why did the beaver give up – tired, enough food, chased by a predator, trapped? My brief internet search did not turn up anylikely answers, but maybe you have one.


And for the beaver fanatics there are more pictures of this tree trunk.


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