Icicles at Point Prim

The wind off the water was cold, freezing cold, so freezing cold that the water froze at it dripped off the basalt rock.   Swifter water, running to shore from every little stream and creek, didn’t freeze and there was a lot of water from all the recent rain.  Dripping, trickling water sounds combined with the sound of waves on shore, one or the other catching our attendion depending on where we stood, where we faced.

The water sounds were wonderful but all that water made the walking treacherous.  We picked our way over dry, grey basalt patches avoiding the slippery green algae under the fresh water and the little green seaweed lower in the tidal zone. And about a third of the way on this hopscotch walk we came across a verticle rock face where the water ran and dripped; only the drips were starting to freeze creating tiny little icicles.  These little icicles  perfectly expressed the cold.


Point Prim in December is a rugged place.   A summer visit is on my to do list now.  These folks did visit in June and they took some great photos.  We checked out the light house and then walked down to the shore and spent about an hour exploring.   This is one of the most uneven basalt shores we have explored.  I would recommend good solid walking shoes or hiking boots.  Finding Point Prim is not difficult, check out the map.


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