too busy to walk: finding time

This post could have been titled: How to fit in a bit of walk, and could have told a great story about how I fit in my walk despite it all.  But, it wouldn’t have been true, I didn’t manage to fit in even a bit of a walk.  Between lunch meetings, work and must do activities at home…that oh so familiar refrain “No Time” could have been mine.  So, is there a solution?  Well, here is my list of strategies to find the time that work more often than not:

  • plan ahead – plan the day’s activities to include at least 1/2 hour of walking
  • choose somewhere you like to walk, you’re more likely to enjoy and the anticipation heightens the experience
  • if you are really, really pressed for time, park far enough away from one of the day’s destinations that you must walk
  • invite someone to walk with you, and create a social visit
  • be sure and have the right footwear with you for a walk
  • use your lunch break to walk (eat later, less, or maybe go on a picnic)
  • finish work on time and use that extra hour to unwind with a great walk
  • imagine how good you’ll feel at the end of the day, once you’ve fit it in 🙂

These are some ways to fit in that extra bit of outdoors.  There are doubtless many others, so more may follow in later posts.


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