Black Rock Beach

Shoreline walks can be easy or challenging.  Over a month ago we tried to take a walk along the shore of the Bay of Fundy.  The walk begins behind the community centre in Black Rock and loops around to the shore.  But … oops… a little planning would have helped.  We arrived at the beach ready for our shoreline adventure and oh no! The tide was coming in and too far advanced for us to begin a shoreline walk below cliffs.  So we hiked back through the woods.  I am happy to report that several weeks later we made a second attemp with much more careful planning; having consulted the tide tables.

This walk was well worth the extra effort.  The walk in the woods was a combination of old trails that led through a variety of habitats, including a woodland stream.  The arrival at the beach revealed–low tide! Then we walked to the shore following the stream bed and began our walk to the wharf at Black Rock.  This stretch of the walk takes you over stoney beaches, composed mostly of the basalt found in the North Mountain of the Annapolis Valley.  Water to one side and cliffs to the other.  The cliffs were impressive seen up close like that and gave me a new perspective for the cliffs we often see in photos from the Bay of Fundy shore.

The footing here is not difficult, but you do need good footwear and the ability to climb up and down.  This walk takes about three hours including short stops. Check the map for location and the link to Trails Nova Scotia for directions.

On the way to the shoreOn the way to the shore

checking out the scenechecking out the scene

For more photos check out flickr for more photos of this hike.


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