Are you ready?


That’s my man and he’s ready…for the rain.

It’s raining today; and who wants to be wet and cold? Walks are good anytime, but you have to be ready for the weather.  Keeping dry in the rain means rain gear of some sort.  That orange suit is totally waterproof, designed for all day work in inclement weather – fishing boats, oil rigs, you name it.  Me, I prefer something a little more lightweight, a bit more comfortable.  Even so, I like the rain out so I usually opt for nylon coated with polyurethane…the rain stays out!  A myriad of rain gear is available. Some even breathes, so your sweat evaporates and it’s “waterproof”, and it’s expensive, but oh well, nothing is perfect.  And, if you’re hiking, not just strolling along, then you really do want something that breathes.


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