Hemlocks and Hardwoods

This afternoon we set off for Kejimkujik NP (map). With just the afternoon before us, we chose the Hemlocks and Hardwood trail.  It is a great trail for a fall walk – a 6 km loop with no climbs and a long stretch of board walk through the old hemlocks. The day was brisk, just 6C, so mitts were a must for me.  The sun was intermittent, but the sounds of swooshing in the trees and the smells of wet fall leaves and forest were welcome.

One of my aims for this blog is a bit of photo sharing…and improving my photos…alas, few of quality to share today…all (or almost all) are blury (and now shared with the ether).  Just one of mine below and a link to flickr and Panoramio where there are many wonderful photos of Kejimkujik.  Clearly another trip to this trail is on the to do list.

One of the few that survives today's outing

One of the few that survived the blurs

And acually I can’t resist sharing this evidence of others on the trail…

Were they beetles?Were they beetles?


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